Jolly B15 and B15 ALTO are modular metal ceilings with square or rectangular cells.

Jolly B15 models provide a particular sense of modularity given by the supporting structure of the system.

In fact they can be mounted on T15 or T24 structure. Choosing the T15 structure the result is a grid with a continuous pattern. In other case, choosing the T24 structure you will get a model similar to a grid that contains grid panels.

Jolly B15 is also available in the ALTO version with 58 mm high edges that allow the storage of mattress or other insulating materials.

Panel module

-Mod. Jolly B15 and B15 ALTO: 595×595 mm


50 x 50 mm
60 x 60 mm
75 x 75 mm
86 x 86 mm
100 x 100 mm
120 x 120 mm
150 x 150 mm
200 x 200 mm

Material e Colour

-Pre-painted aluminum: RAL 9003, 9006
(custom RAL on request)

Acoustic absorption

Black TNT