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The acoustic well-being

The attention to the acoustic factor in work environments ensures an improvement on two fronts: one closely related to employees (internal) and one strongly addressed to the customer (external).

An optimal acoustic environment decreases noise exposure, factor closely related to absences due to illness.

The cost of personnel corresponds to 82% of the cost of an office for 10 years of activity, 16 times more than the cost of the actual working environment. Therefore, invest in this sense means not only ensuring the worker a better workplace but also, for the company, making more efficient all percentages of HR interest which affect in the cost centers.

Acoustic requirements

The passive acoustic requirements represent one of the specific characteristics of the building elements that qualify the external and internal acoustic/sound sources.

PROFILSYSTEM in accordance to the National regulations (Law of 26 October 1995 n. 447 and decree implementing DPCM 5-12-1997) and European (UNI EN 12354 norm, adapted to Italian construction typologies by the Technical Report UNI/TR 11175: 2005) with regard to passive acoustic requirements of its panels under certain conditions and, given the wide range of solutions proposed, many of them have been tested and certified by independent bodies.

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PROFILSYSTEM designs and manufactures a complete range of panels, planks, open cells, extended mesh and special solutions, satisfying the functional and aesthetic needs even the most complex projects.

For this each product is EC certified according to standard EN 13964:2004 and the quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008. All PROFILSYSTEM products are accompanied, electronically, by the Declaration of Performance (D.o.P.) as foreseen by the EU Regulation 305/11, concerning the placing on the market of construction products.

Illumination and other integrated elements

The ability to integrate service elements constitutes one of the major features of metal ceilings.

The metal panels can be designed with cut-outs or openings, to accommodate different types of apparatus used in modern constructions.

Profilsystem is able to provide advanced solutions for the integration of lighting elements, grids for air conditioning, protection grids of firefighting equipment, etc.

On the panels it is possible to perform simple or flanged holes of different shapes and sizes according to the project’s needs.

Surface finishes

PROFILSYSTEM takes advantage of high-quality partners even for finishes and coatings.

In a constant commitment to respect the environment and in compliance with the applicable regulations, PROFILSYSTEM uses only products with lead-free paints and with an aluminium pre-treatment system completely chrome-free, allowing a perfect attachment of the coating to the support.

Our products are available in different standard RAL colours or special RAL (on request) as well as in polished, matt, textured or wood effect surface finishes.

In the continuous search for innovative products, Profilsystem offers Bacfree, a high-performance antimicrobial finish that ensures the control and the demolition of the bacterial charge.

The products realized with this type of treatment are particularly suitable for applications in operating rooms, canteens, kitchens, sterile environments or any other application that requires the use of high-performance antibacterial material.