D - D120

D and D120 are panels characterized by hidden structure. Thanks to particular notches, these panels are locked inside a profile with a triangular section.

Panels D and D120 can be assembled on simple structure (composed by triangular profile and suspended clip) or on double structure (composed by triangular profile, clip and suspended U profile). The U Profile is suggested with a maximum distance of 1200 mm. The double structure made-up of U-profiles and triangular profiles, generates a rigid structure, especially useful for covering large surfaces.

Panel module

-Mod. D: 600×600 mm
-Mod. D120: 1200×600 mm

Material and Colour

-Coil coated Steel: RAL 9010, 9003, 9006
-Powder coated Steel: RAL 9010, 9003, 9006
-Coil coated Aluminum: RAL 9003, 9006
(other RAL colours available on request)

Assorbimento Acustico

Tessuto non tessuto nero

Simple Structure Suspension

Double Suspension Structure