STD 30 - STD 40 - STD 50

STD 30, STD 40 and STD 50 models are metal ceilings characterized by square or rectangular cells. Their effect is highly decorative and defines a sense of lightness given by the subtle thickness of its components.

The modularity of the system allows the creation of metal ceilings characterized by a well-defined pattern. The structure is made up of load-bearing and intermediate profiles with the same section and material as the elements that make up modules.
This uniformity is particularly appreciable when installed on large surfaces.

STD models are suitable for various installations, such as: masking of ventilation systems, shielding of lighting fixtures, ceilings for lifts, vertical and decorative installations.

Panel module

-Mod. STD30, STD40, ST50: 595 x 595 mm


25 x 25 mm
30 x 30 mm
37.5 x 37.5 mm
50 x 50 mm
60 x 60 mm
75 x 75 mm
86 x 86 mm
100 x 100 mm
120 x 120 mm
150 x 150 mm
200 x 200 mm

Material e Colour

-Coil coated Aluminum: RAL 9003, 9006
(custom RAL on request)

Assorbimento Acustico

Black TNT