Docking System Open Space

Docking system can also be declined in a continuous solution dedicated to open spaces.
The panel modifies its section slightly to guarantee perfect alignment during assembly.

The particularity of this system is the hidden double orthogonal structure that allows the panels to be mounted in a simple support.

Like the Corridor System the structure consisting of Z profile connected to the U profile. This structure therefore allows to easily solve the points in which the corridor and the open space are contiguous.

Modulo Pannello

-Mod. Docking System: custom*

* All dimensions are to be verified with the technical or commercial office

Material and Colour

-Coil coated Steel: RAL 9010, 9003, 9006
-Powder coated Steel: RAL 9010, 9003, 9006
-Coil coated Aluminum: RAL 9003,9006
(other RAL colours available on request)

Sound absorption

TNT black