DB - DB120

The hidden structure metal ceiling type DB is an evolution of D panels.
In fact, two parallel sides presents classical notches for the clip-in assemblage with the triangular profile.
In addition, presents two special “flaps” wich guarantee the suspension of the panel inside the triangular profile.
The triangular profile can be mounted on a simple or double structure.

Thanks to the tilting function, DB panels allow easy inspection. Panels remain clinging to the triangular profile by the flaps without the need to completely unhook them.

Panel module

-Mod. DB: 600×600 mm
-Mod. DB120: 1200×600 mm

Material and Colour

-Coil coated Steel: RAL 9010, 9003, 9006
-Powder coated Steel: RAL 9010, 9003, 9006
-Coil coated Aluminum: RAL 9003, 9006
(other RAL colours available on request)

Sound absorption

TNT black

Simple Structure Suspension

Double Suspension Structure