DB Access

DB ACCESS is a metal ceiling developed for typical needs of connected spaces.
The installation system works on the walls and this kind of solution is very useful in case of a ceiling full of obstacles to the hanger.

DB ACCESS System is assembled by applying a slight pressure to the panel wich is fit inside the triangular profile.
The system can be easily inspected from the bottom using appropriate ”spatulas” and thanks to a particular wing with a notch, the panel has the possibility to rotate inside the profile and stay suspended during the inspection.

Panel module

-Mod. DB Access: custom

Material and Colour

-Coil coated Steel: RAL 9010, 9003, 9006
-Powder coated Steel: RAL 9010, 9003, 9006
-Coil coated Aluminum: RAL 9003,9006
(other RAL colours available on request)

Sound absorption

TNT black

DB Access 2.0

DB Access 3.0